Errors affect the spread of the system iOS11 compared with iOS10

Google know every month on the proportion of the distribution system on Android devices unlike Apple which don’t look away date specific and from time to time some stats for iOS phones iPhone and iPad .

Today published Apple some statistics of the spread version of iOS, depending on follow-up visits to the Apple TV in the last week where the controlled system Sunday iOS11 on and 65% of the devices iPhone or iPad while working system iOS10 on 28% and there are 7% of the setups work part feet .

For a comparison to the same period of the world financial system was iOS10 works at 76% this means that the latest problems that modern لنظامiOS11 may have affected the users who chose not to update until now, in addition to lovers of Gilbert of course.

Certainly these figures will be published in the coming weeks. the reason is the transition of the mission hardware new, while some prefer to users of devices older waiting for the free version of the problems to do with the update .



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