Error Amazon reveals price and specifications of the phone Huawei P30 Pro

A fatal error occurred in the site of Amazon Italy, with the detection of a number of specifications phone product the Huawei P30 Pro, as well as the value price, which confirmed the validity of the leaks that have appeared about the latest Huawei phones.

Error Amazon reveals the secret of Huawei

It seems that the rushing torrent of your phone Huawei P30 Pro, available only with the official version of the phone home, where he came this time at the hands of Amazon Italy, who uncovered the error about the specifications and prices already leaked phone Huawei, confirming unwittingly on our health.

Committed Amazon the last error across the five number of private data phone Huawei P30 Pro, across its width for pre-order on the pages of the famous site, before seeking to remedy this unintentional error, says to cancel and delete the order, but it was too late it seems, where it seemed like confirmed specifications and prices the previous leak, which we explain in these lines.

Specifications and price of Huawei P30 Pro

Explained Amazon Italy stretch phone P30 Pro from Huawei, screen AMOLED up to about 6.47 inches, and the unique product of Kirin 980, in addition to the random access memory of 8 GB, and storage starts with a capacity of 128 GB, up to 512 GB, supported cards Nano, as well as the operating system Android 9 Bay, and EMUI 9.0.

Supposed phone Huawei P30 Pro that needs it -by reference to the registration of which was confirmed recently by Amazon Italy – on the front camera enjoy a strictly 32-megapixel, the three cameras in the back, neatly 40 mega pixel camera, 20 mega pixel camera, 8 mega pixel camera, with the situation in mind that the newer phone from Huawei will receive battery with a capacity amounting to 4200 mAH, can work with speed charging up to about 40W.

As for the price perspective for P30 Pro from Huawei, Faisal to 1024 euros, as outlined by Amazon Italy before the deletion, the equivalent of about 1162$, appeared on the site in red, with a bouquet comprising a wireless charger is worth the price of about 60 euros, wireless headphones also worth 230 euros, note that the release date from Amazon will be in the 5 of the month of April.

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