Ericsson launches the technique of the fifth generation of the business

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President and CEO buy Ericsson Bourg income for the launch of the technology the fifth generation of the business during the briefing dedicated to the media and analysts today, Monday 26 February.

Where highlighted to direct the company to focus on the work of the technique of the fifth generation as well as enabling factors, key technology, ranging from wireless access to the anatomy of network intelligence and automation, which would make the fifth-generation commercially successful, will be the focus of Ericsson focused on how the launch of this technique and its importance and its results, that is exactly what the customers want and service providers to discuss it.

Referred income to the three key areas where service providers success:

  • Efficiency and reduced cost per GIGABYTE.
  • Digital experience and improve the Customer Experience and reduce costs.
  • Creating new sources of income based on use cases the technique of the fifth generation and the Internet of things.

After many years of work on the development of standards and technology, began to move toward the launch of technology fifth-generation business, has signed Ericsson until now. 38 a Memorandum of Understanding with service providers to perform many experiments, and most importantly, Ericsson has signed several commercial contracts with the promise to deliver at the end of this year.

And construction technology the fifth generation on the use-cases of multiple, as defined in income from promoting Mobile Broadband as the first case of the use of international large-scale assessment fifth-generation this is based on the high data traffic and the need to provide a better user experience.

It is expected between 2017 and 2023, that the order of movement of data at a CAGR of 40 percent, which means increasing the number of visits to each site by eight-fold.

However, the promotion of mobile broadband is not limited to the speed of the user experience, but matches the efficiency of the network also, for example, if the development of a particular position using the technology of the fourth generation the technique of the fifth generation will provide mobile data at a cost of $ ten compared with the developer community using the technique of the fourth generation today.

Joined Andy Ben, CEO let to a income where he talked about the importance of sport in the field of technology fifth generation, with a focus on the opportunity that is to find the sectors of projects before test the willingness of the company in the sport at the level of the Customer Experience.

He also touched on the income of the achievements of early adopters to provide the fourth generation in terms of annual revenue growth and market share, he said: “We don’t realize what are the use cases most important to evaluate the fifth generation in the end, but we are sure that early adopters will benefit from the advantages of sustainable development”.

Will be able to service providers thanks to the availability of network technology the fifth generation ready-made, from the choice of the appropriate time to form the movement data to provide fifth generation.

Added income: “we have last year’s registration record for speed in field tests, where we opened a Design Center to the fifth generation in Austin, Texas, and we present the products of new radio offer auspicious Mega-network services that facilitate the process of launching the technique of the fifth generation”.

He added: “We have also this year, the completion of the technology platform of the fifth generation, which include the nuclear core of this technology, and radio waves and, in conjunction with the system support operations, the system of business support, network services and security, as we add software technology fifth-generation company’s business of radio, core to enable the operators to launch technology the fifth generation in the last quarter of 2018”.

Source: Ericsson launches the technique of the fifth generation of the business

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