Epson announces a new projector for lighting the face comes with accurately WXGA and capacity of 2,000 lumens

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Announced the company Epson on category LightScene EV-100, a new type of display devices that expand the company’s presence in the signage and lighting, and given the sleek design, low noise, and availability in black or white, was created in the in the background, can working-class EV-100 with thoroughly WXGA capacity of 2,000 lumens as a display or a light detector without distracting the viewers attention on the product being offered.

Design is possible for the model LightScene EV-100 is ideal for environments visual care, such as galleries, retail stores, and one of the view museums, exhibits museums, and the technical arrangements, where the minimum of visual clutter is a key factor, you can use this style for information display, video display, or patterns, animated, and even the layout of the display images on the little things.

Said Justin Wiley, Director of sales at Epson in the Middle East: “the class LightScene EV-100 is the first step towards a completely new type of projectors for EPSON, and a fantastic addition to our range of signage solutions laser, I am very happy with the design elegant and disturbing visually, without compromising performance or versatility or reliability”.

Prevent laser technology floppy from Epson-style EV-100 is a great variety of mounting options, and can display from any angle, and can be mounted in the interior ceiling or installed on the floor or hung on the Track Lighting, all without the need for specialist installation or Setup, and can this model also display in portrait mode, and when using multiple units, can merge dialog to configure the screen display larger.

Has been supplied to class LightScene EV-100 Epson Projector Content Manager that allows to download playlists to individual or multiple easily via SD card and change them using the remote control by staff without the need to use a computer.

Allows you to the program also add overlay effects, including filters, colors and shapes to allow the pictures of colorful shapes and regular, as well as create and edit playlists and schedules, custom filters.

As is the case with all projectors laser from Epson, the class EV-100 offers reliable and competent advice for the installation of the device and leave it without maintenance for a long time, comes to the structure of the free filters and air-tight to enhance dust resistance, ensuring for a period of five years and 20,000 hours.

Epson announces a new projector for lighting the face comes with accurately WXGA and capacity of 2,000 lumens

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