Epic Games has launched a competitor to Steam

Digital store Epic Games Store launched during yesterday’s ceremony, The Game Awards 2018.

Company Epic Games says that the conditions for developers in her shop more than in Steam. EG will pick up only 12% of the profits from games on all engines, whereas in Steam of such a Commission more than two times higher.

The store Epic Games Store, developers will be able to keep the news feed and thus maintain the communication with the players (users who bought the game, you are automatically subscribed to tape). Also Epic Games offers to promote your projects using streamers and bloggers through referral links (program Support-A-Creator).

Now in the Epic Games Store available four games to download: Fortnite, Ashen, Hello Neighbor: Hide and Seek and a new project of Hades, which have exclusive early access.

In the trailer you can see that soon the store will also appear games Journey, Broforce, Super Meat Boy, Satisfactory, Outer Wilds, and others. The company plans to add Store a new free game every two weeks for 2019.

Source: Epic Games

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