Epic allows package developers SDK the game free different gaming platforms in 2019

Epic تتيح حزمة المطورين SDK للعبة فورتنايت لمختلف منصات الألعاب في 2019

Announced the company Epic Games on its work to make the game free author of the popular available cross-platform games have different core by package software development SDK and provide the tools to all developers for free starting from next year to 2019, where it will enable the SDK multiple developers from building games direct Synchrony across different platforms, enabling players access to their personal profile for the game full of achievements both installed on one gaming console or the computer or the phone.

Thus improvements seeking company Epic to facilitate the access of people to the game free so that will give SDK tools on different game engines and at the same time several ways to integrate the tariff the user can access through which the game includes Facebook accounts parking services and Xbox Live and PSN accounts and Nintendo as well as the calculations of the Epic itself.

Where once you register one of the accounts you can customize the profile options and add friends and nothing will play on any gaming console, you’ll find it increasingly when you enter the game from the platform game again, thanks to the mechanism of Save Data via cloud storage so you can track any progress or achievement across devices play different.

Thus you will be able to create alliances with other players using the game platform different from you, which constitutes a unique opportunity to control the game on different platforms with the same account; the company has also made improvements on the services voice communication to ensure a better experience for the players.

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