Enthusiast combined a MacBook Pro and iPad Pro. What happened?

Bold new concepts appear almost every day, but most of them does not pose almost any interest. Recreated by designers of products often do not correspond to the ideology and language of Apple’s design. However, you can not say about all. For example, the industrial designer of the company Astro HQ Federico Donnelly went a little further, showing the real example how would look like the MacBook of the future.

The designer came up with a very interesting way, which made it possible to combine two devices: a MacBook Pro and iPad Pro (2018). For these purposes, enthusiast involved software and hardware Luna Display.

The designer has placed your iPad Pro instead of the keyboard — thus, turning MacBook Pro into a device with two screens. The connection is established wirelessly through Wi-Fi.

The project author notes that the touch screen works fine in macOS. Can be used as just a finger and a pen Apple Pencil.

For me was the revelation that the lower part of the MacBook Pro 13 perfectly matches 12.9-inch iPad. From that moment I began to think of how it can be applied in practice. In the end, I came to this. And it’s really comfortable now in my possession two large screens, one of which I can interact directly. Than MacBook of the future?

However, the author stresses an ambitious project to be productive you still need a mouse and keyboard. So they should have mandatory. Also, there will be extra rack, which will accommodate a similar structure.

Recall that the hardware-software complex Luna Display is available in two versions: with USB type-C or Mini DisplayPort. The cost of the accessory is $ 79 (~5200). The product is compatible with all Macs released after 2012.

The process of setting up Luna Display is very simple. You need to connect the Luna Display adapter to your Mac computer, then download a special app Luna on the iPad for the initial pairing.

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