Enough to use your smartphone as a DVR!

Manufacturers have long been trying to turn a smartphone into a single gadget, which will be needed in the car. And although mobile devices have replaced navigators and even the radio (enough to connect your smartphone to the car via Bluetooth, AUX or USB) and become full-fledged DVRs, they can not.

Why? There are at least three reasons. First, the memory of any smartphone is the ultimate, and the video recording usually takes a decent amount of free space. Second, the phone’s camera, despite all the “bells and whistles”, inferior to shooting in a professional photo equipment with good lenses, and this is especially noticeable at night when quality Registrar issues a decent picture, and mobile — “mess”. In addition, most apps in Google Play that supposedly make it easy to use the smartphone as a DVR, in the end can not boast of the stated functionality.

To choose a good DVR is actually the case is not so simple, especially if this is your first device of this type. Now on the market you can find a lot of solutions from 1 000 to 30 000, and an inexperienced user is not always clear what they actually are different.

And you need to look at the four main parameters:

  • The quality of the video
  • Ease of use
  • Technical equipment
  • Service and warranty

For example, the company Datacom (Datakam) offers DVR high video quality by using the Japanese matrix SONYlenses with a high aperture ratio and a special hood-filter that removes the glare and the glare from the picture. Add to this powerful customized Ambarella processor with a higher bitrate and get a picture quality comparable with professional photographic equipment. But in the car! And the ability to install two TF card cyclic rewriting will help to record the whole trip entirely if you have sufficient memory, or to copy some other card without a computer.

All devices Datacom can be set for a few minutes without assistance. The wire was not visible, it can be neatly laid under the skin of the car (cable length permitting). The charger also will not interfere: it’s small and USB-connector, not to use additional accessories. Rotary magnetic holder is equipped with a convenient and reliable mount that allows you to quickly remove and install a video recorder in place — for example, if “hit” frost under 40 degrees. When not in use, it can be placed in a special bag for storage that comes in the kit.

Importantly, Datacom gives 2 year warranty and fast technical support for all of their DVRs, so that the reliability of the device can not worry. Of course, it is not the cheapest of gadgets, but much to save on the DVR is not necessary for a greater number of functions, manufacturers, respectively, and begging for more, and the proposed set of features is really needed. Plus pay for the reliability and build quality.

How to choose a DVR?

With the manufacturer identified, but how to settle on a particular model? In addition to the budget, which is often limited, need to take into account the technical characteristics of the selected DVR. For example, Datacam G5 offers a maximum resolution of shooting in Full HD, Datakam 6 — Super HD (2304 x 1296 pixels, even with the bitrate to 35 Mbps), and Datakam DUO generally two cameras: front and rear, and both record video in 1920 x 1080 and have the blend filter. The blendability is composed of a polarizing filter to eliminate glare and reflections on the windshield and the hood. And this is not a regular filter like for cameras, and a specially selected lighter and more transparent so it didn’t need to remove for the night.

Accordingly, the G5 model will be cheaper (from 10 900 rubles), but like the older version, it has a lens of 6 glass lenses and infrared filter (with a high aperture of F/1.6), lens hood, filter, a proprietary database of the chambers of the CIS and Europe and branded fastening. In addition, this DVR will provide up to 45 minutes of shooting in battery life.

Technical equipment Datakam 6 and Datakam DUO is achieved by using a more powerful processor Ambarella A7, which was elaborated by specialists Datacom, matrix Sony Exmor (2 MP), improved viewing angle of 160 degrees. Therefore, these models boast of the best night photography and video without a problem “fits” the data logger with two slots for micro SD memory cards (each for 256 GB).

It is worth noting that in all three models Datacom offers its own brand holder with two neodymium magnets. Due to this, the DVR can be removed with one hand and rotate 360 degrees. A fix unit is available as suction Cup and pad with 3M adhesive tape.

Most importantly, the DVR will warn not only about the speed cameras, speed bumps and railway crossings, and other objects on the road. High quality video recorder can be a great gift for the New year — a close relative, friend or a favorite. Thanks to the multiple options of models for every budget, everyone can find the device like. For those who still have doubts — Datacom return the money after buying the DVR for 2 months, if you do not like it. More useful information can be found on the YouTube channel of the manufacturer.

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