Engineer Google develops app to detect audio and video counterfeit


In an era filled with news of counterfeit, you might expect that provides video content to a clearer picture of the truth, but it can be unsafe also, with the Development Engineer at Google named Supasorn Suwajanakorn modern tool can create a video of a fake trying to the way he speaks to anyone about the way surveillance footage of the mouth and teeth located closely, and like any other technology it can be no damage wide.

So work Suwajanakorn also with the foundation for the AI Foundation for the application of the “Reality Defender” that will run automatically in Web browsers for audio or video clips fake.

Said Suwajanakorn through his participation in the TED conference in Vancouver, the results reached by the looked interesting but at the same time worrying, and more on his mind that period is the possibility of misuse, so I decided to work on the technique of anti-detection for photos and videos fake, will be built inside the application “Reality Defender“, which says scan automatic audio or video that is being manipulated.

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