Engineer Bixby leaving Samsung to join Google Inc


He joined the former chief executive of the Department of advanced technologies at Samsung, Mr. Injong Rhee to the South Korean company in 2011 and played a key role in the development of platform security Samsung Knox payment service via mobile devices Samsung Pay. He also played a crucial role in the team that shone on the development and launch of the digital assistant Bixby. Having said that, stated Mr. Injong Rhee two weeks ago that he had left Samsung for personal reasons, and it turns out now that he has been hired by Google Inc.

He said Injong Rhee through publication on the social network, professional LinkedIn earlier this day that he was hired by Google to lead the Department of the Internet of things ” Internet Of Things ” at Google. Revealed Mr. Injong Rhee that he will be held under the leadership of Ms. Diane Greene which occupy the position of Group Chief Executive Officer of cloud computing at Google. This section is responsible for the sale of software and hardware for other companies.

The spokesperson in the name of Google Inc., Mrs. Jane Hynes confirmed to the news agency Reuters that the company Google has already hired Mr. Injong Rhee, but they did not reveal any information about his position and his role in the company Google, stating only that he was hired as part of the group responsible for cloud computing.

Aims Injong Rhee to coordinate many projects related to Internet Of Things, which is used in devices such as smart home devices and sensors capable of data access over the internet. He said : ” one of the first things that I would like to do it with my colleagues in the company Google is to coordinate these efforts suitability with the story of the Internet of things the Internet Of Things and a concerted Google – in this process, you will create a series of premium products for consumers and businesses “.



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