Engine Gutenberg .. the biggest change coming to WordPress

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ووردبريس جوتنبرج Gutenberg.. التغيير الجديد القادم لمنصة ووردبريس

In the last period widened the area of discussion and within the community of WordPress about Gutenberg Gutenberg the default editor for your version of WordPress for 2018 which will be the most important change in the editing environment to WordPress years ago, some view it no matter what and wait for him. others have a lot of concerns about it, so let’s work today on the engine Guttenberg new and what is the most important of its properties.

Announced Matt Online Matt Mullenweg the founder of WordPress platform is the first Monday that the fifth edition of WordPress WordPress – 5.0 , which will include the New Gutenberg Gutenberg it will be released next Thursday, December 6 before the start of the conference WordCamp of the company which will be held on next Sunday in Nashville Nashville.

Engine Gutenberg Gutenberg is the first step to a new future for WordPress:

According to the Kinsta 2018 owns the WordPress platform share amounting to 60% of the market of content management systems the website CMS, so any updates will be undertaken will affect a very large number of web sites.

Gothenburg is not just a new engine for WordPress but it also puts the basis for the development of bigger, where it is considered the first phase of a three-pronged strategy which was previously announced which include the control in the design and structure of the pages without the extensions.

First, will the WordPress engine has been re-designed in order to build editing experience completely new pages and posts private media, then the project will focus on Page Templates in the final stage will become a WordPress tool to customize sites complete, which is a necessary step to keep WordPress in the first position among content management systems the other in the coming years.

ووردبريس جوتنبرج Gutenberg.. التغيير الجديد القادم لمنصة ووردبريس

When you open the editor WordPress new for the first time will start the search for reality we used to have. but you won’t find it has hijacked the user interface completely, we now have an environment of new writing, with much space for your content, and on the right side you can open the settings – for each level or for each block so that the engine Gothenburg will divide the content to several parts of the Blocks – by clicking on the gear icon, it will allow you to click on the three dots next to this gear move to the code editor the code editor to make your edits.

Editor Gothenburg based on the principle of Everything As Blocks:

ووردبريس جوتنبرج Gutenberg.. التغيير الجديد القادم لمنصة ووردبريس

Designed new editor to enable the debtors from control of content in better ways through the adoption of the principle of Everything As Blocks so that the editor can split the content to several parts called Books, Blocks, and control each one of them individually.

It used to edit your content is inside a single HTML file, and any further improvement would have required something new such as: shortcodes Shortcodes embedding of Embeds, tools, Widgets etc., while now you can create your content and all related out of the box one by following the set of instructions direct.

Using the concept of blocks you can now specify each part of your content with determining the particular specifications for each part, for example you can convert a single line of text to quote, quote by changing the type of the Block, and then you will get a new set of options that you can adjust it so that you can change the type of quotation, subject, type of text etc., this applies to all the following books:

  • Paragraphs Paragraphs
  • Lists Lists
  • Quotations Quotes
  • Titles Headings
  • Code Code
  • Photo Images
  • Media Galleries
  • Shortcodes Shortcodes
  • Columns Columns
  • Widget Widgets
  • Embeds Embed from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and many other global locations

In the Gutenberg Gutenberg all the words for the parts of the Blocks are allocated to each part separately, with the possibility to save this part and use it later Reusable Blocks!

Block reusable Reusable Blocks:

Books are reusable one of the main features of the editing environment WordPress new which you can save them along with their settings for later use. For example if you’ve added a good design for the articles of your own town you can save it as reusable. And then all you have to do is move to the option of Add Block Add Block then the pressure on the Reusable to choose the mass introduction of reusable.

ووردبريس جوتنبرج Gutenberg.. التغيير الجديد القادم لمنصة ووردبريس

This is a simple example but you can think about using the more complex for this feature, such as a template for multiple columns, you can change it as you want or perhaps a full gallery of photos and what you need is to drop the images and if you want to change one of the images, you have to make it once because it will update every version as soon as you click on the Save button.

Of course that would be a great opportunity for developers to develop a lot of books that fit with the forms of different content, and all of this is possible because the new editor in WordPress 5.0 gives us complete control over all the individual books.

The effect of the New Gutenberg Gutenberg to add Yoast SEO:

ووردبريس جوتنبرج Gutenberg.. التغيير الجديد القادم لمنصة ووردبريس


Think add Yoast SEO to rank the sites appearance in the search engines one of the most important additions to WordPress at all so it’s more add the WordPress has been downloaded from the website of wordpress.org has exceeded the number of times the downloaded 8 million times, so this extension is particularly relevant for sites running WordPress must comply with a new editor.

The developers working on the development of add Yoast in the version of Yoast SEO 8.0 integrate the addendum into the engines of Gutenberg Gutenberg and improve it further in the Yoast SEO 8.1 until they built the first system Gutenblocks to add the structural data relating to how and FAQ automatically, and we’re still waiting for a lot of developments in this regard in the coming period.

It should be noted that it is still anyone seeking to update to the fifth version of WordPress do you install add WordPress Classic Editor to get the same experience version 4.9.8 for editing, if you are not ready to deal with the engine Gutenberg new, will be supported add the Classic Editor until 2022, and users can switch between the addendum and the issuance of Gutenberg.

Benefit the WordPress platform to more than 1.3 million site org they have already updated their system to version Gutenberg and add the Classic Editor.


Depends engine Gutenberg the biggest change will see the platform of WordPress in the coming years where he will work on improving the experience of content creation in the first phase and then going for full customization of pages, it will also create new opportunities for developers of templates and plugins to provide better services to the users through the experience more attractive.

The most important thing you can do right now is to install the add Gutenberg and we have to test, as you can add every problem you find to the page of Gutenberg on GitHub like: things that don’t work or should work better, as a kind of contribution in improvement and development of the new editor.

The gate Arab News Technical Editor Gutenberg .. the biggest change coming to WordPress

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