“Energy density”: a word that carries with it all the future of electrical products in the world!

"كثافة الطاقة": تعرف على الكلمة التي تحمل معها كل ما يتعلق بمُستقبل المُنتجات الكهربائية في العالم!

Have you ever thought why we didn’t see the To now jet powered Electric? Or why do I need the world to all those years to give us a true electric car that you can buy and actually use, like a car “Tesla” for example! Have you ever wondered why? After all these years of the development of the smart phone revolution, we don’t have yet on a smart phone can work for more than a day, or two days at the most?

I don’t doubt that the devices and techniques for electric-powered and clean energy has experienced a tremendous boom during the past few years, with increasing operating time, which can be obtained with laptops slim, and the emergence of electric cars, and other products that Electric powered stored. However, the main obstacle that stands an obstacle to further developments in this area, and we achieve the ambitions of probably sounds very logical to fit with what I have achieved technical breakthrough to today, might lie in one word; “energy density”.

Lithium batteries: friend for electronic devices throughout the decades

Let’s first take a quick look at the power cell that power millions of devices around the electrical power necessary to run them. She’s proven lithium-ion batteries Lithium-ion being her friend for this army since the early nineties of the last century, where the intervention of those batteries the same Technology in the manufacture of all forms of devices and products around us. Very simply, you think the cells of lithium – also suggest to call it – on the movement of lithium ions inside the battery and electronic chips in the shipment of such batteries in the movement of lithium ions inside it.

With lithium batteries, several advantages have contributed to the spread clear over the past decades, among them:

  • Security: in spite of that the numerous incidents I’ve heard about certainly which went off the lithium batteries inside mobile phones, but that technology still considered generally safe due to the lithium itself is less harmful and toxic to the environment and individuals compared to other metals that entered into the battery industry
  • Light weight: this may be one of the most important reasons for the spread of lithium batteries, where the light weight is what makes products slim and light possible.
  • The absence of memory effect: or what is known as the”memory effect”, where the lithium batteries are less affected by the cycle of charging and discharging of the gas are complete, which had a devastating effect on the life of the batteries of previous generations.

“Energy density”: the next challenge

You know the energy density as the amount of energy stored in a system per unit size of this system. The words of the less complicated, the term energy intensity the amount of energy possible to extend the battery itself without having to increase the battery size or weight.

Represent the energy density of batteries, in theory, for simplicity, drawback the actual to transform all excited or laptop around you to work with electric power. And makes the balance between energy required and energy density stored it very difficult in front of a lot of the aspirations of the technique for the future.

For example, if what has been using the same battery used by the car”delivered” to a distance of up to 300 miles to achieve a small plane are two only, they will not be sufficient to determine the plane for more than a few miles.

Notwithstanding the achievements of the popularity of the sweeping, while already represent currently the best available to us at this time, except that lithium batteries remain too weak in relation to the concept of energy density. If you add fuel to the comparison, the radioactive elements such as uranium can even power a million and a half times more than the lithium batteries for the same space, or is the traditional fuel for cars even more energy by the time of those that choose batteries for the same space.

Batteries of the future: more intense, more secure

Maybe of the development of batteries used as fuel, where the end product required of them basically, except that the world is already heading to the development of batteries using the same current technologies, but more efficient and more intensive in terms of energy that can high. And data already available that the energy density in the new batteries that are put on the market is growing by between 6-8 % each year for the previous year over the last two decades.

Work at the present time more than twenty different companies, including “Boeing – Boeing” and “Airbus-Airbus” and”uber” on the development of technologies pertaining to the use of electric power in aviation at different levels. In general, we can say that the batteries more intense, and more secure is in the way in the near future certainly, when it comes to flying, but probably will be achieved finally the dream of a smartphone that can work for a week.

The “energy density”: a word that carries with it all the future of electrical products in the world! Appeared first on the tech world.

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