Energizer new smartphones surprised longer battery


In February this year, the Energizer was presented an amazing smartphone, the battery capacity of which amounted to 16 000 mAh. This device have already been discussed. The company is now pleased Android users Go mobile, the most attractive quality of which was not battery, high characteristics which traditionally expect from Energizer products. But the announcement is quite interesting because the version Go Edition of the Android operating system has a very important advantage.

Presented a new smartphone Energizer. It’s called E500S and its most pleasant characteristics is the price of 99.99 euros, and we are talking about the price of the unlocked phone without being tied to a specific SIM card, says Vlad (Vlad), considering the novelty on the resource page gsmarena.com.

Represented Energizer and Energizer E500 E500S

Energizer E500S

It is running Android Oreo. Software platform Energizer E500S was a special version developed by Google’s popular mobile operating system — Go Edition. It just designed to work well even on weak hardware. New E500S is characterized by support for 4G (including VoLTE), 8-megapixel main camera with led (LED) flash. Selfie-camera news — 5-megapixel.

5 inch touch screen Energizer E500S is characterized by a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The amount of RAM the new smartphone is only 1 GB, and the capacity of its internal storage of 8 megabytes. Moreover, the possibility of expansion of storage capacity using memory cards.

It should be noted that for the brand, which is associated mainly with the batteries, capacity of battery — 2000 mAh — it’s hard to call impressive.

Energizer E500S

Energizer E500S is based on the MediaTek chipset with a 1.3-gigagertsevym Quad-core CPU. Package includes shockproof cover. The screen is protected by a special glass.

Moreover, for those users that support 4G is not needed, provided the model Energizer E500, characterized by the same technical characteristics with a single feature — it is, as a maximum, only supported a 3G network. Price Energizer E500 — 69,99 euros. Both models are already available for purchase in Europe.

Discuss new Energizer E500 and E500S and other Android Go smartphones readers can Telegram chat.

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