Endpoint Security Cloud Kaspersky enhances the security features supported phones

Launched Kaspersky Lab’s version of the newly solved Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Security Forum-based e-cloud and SMEs that seek access to easy management of the security of their systems to digital with the advantage of cloud services.

The company said that the solution to the security of the terminal points in digital systems is available two levels: basic and offers the security functions of the electronic core of the cloud, and extended tail additional capabilities include assessing security vulnerabilities & patch management software and encryption.

The Kaspersky Lab that the new version of security solution comes model new license gives no license to the use of the possibility to use it on my two laptop for free, to protect the movement of personnel and business data.

Companies may become during the growth of their operations need to be further advantages of the control and protection of perishable, as well as the advantages of flexibility and ease of management offered by the cloud. So now, businesses can now choose between two versions of the modern version of the solution to Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud, to be able to adopt the level of challenge in the protection that you need of software solution that offers it as a service easy and fast.

Include the first version of the solution: Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud classic collection of techniques for electronic security, such as File Protection, web and e-mail, options for bathroom walls, and attacks on the network, mechanisms to detect suspicious behavior, a sign of the advantages of preventing exploitation. The solution now to help prevent malware from exploiting security vulnerabilities in the legacy software, and through the function of the assessment of the security vulnerabilities that review apps installed on corporate devices and information technology administrators to patch the code available to them.

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The other version: Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud Plus; includes elements for the web and the device, in addition to patch management software and encryption. And the function of patch management software administrators to automate to provide updates to applications which it discovers gaps. The management of the encryption are to protect business-critical data, it could not have the appropriate permissions to access the data stored on employees ‘ devices encrypted remote, even in the event the device is lost or stolen.

Found a report prepared by the company Kaspersky Lab based on the study that employees in two-fifths of the SMEs (40%), working remotely regularly, often up to the service we store business data on multiple devices. So lets solution Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud for the flexibility to support this expansion in facilitating the mobility of staff with the guarantee of providing the necessary protection for your computer or file server with a laptop under one license, which means you no longer need to buy multiple licenses, with the continued possibility to work on multiple devices can include computers running Windows or Mac or iOS, smartphones and tablets on Android and iOS.

The solution Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud is easy to use and can be set up and maintained in a short time. Come to the administrative console of equal simplicity via a web browser on a laptop or tablet or mobile phone. Protection begins immediately through the automatic execution of files definition of security pre-configuration on any device was added to the solution, allowing savings in technical resources precious. Administrators can create additional profiles manually or modify existing files if their is a need to more pressure.

Can managed service providers or companies that run the offices distributed in different geographical areas to benefit from rental multi-controller management, given the available capacity for Security Management in several companies or mutual gain through a single account. Many of the administrators have access to the workspace, via the management feature permits access of the host to the modern version of the solution, this is suitable for companies that need to grant many administrators the possibility to participate in the management of security.

Sergei Marine Unit Head of marketing commercial products have Kaspersky Lab: the incidents of e-security is not a concern for large companies alone, stressing that small and medium businesses “facing the same challenges,” he added: “all companies need to solve the Electronic Security offers the protection of a proven, comprehensive, easy-to-recruitment, operational management, relationship to the reasonable cost. The solution Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud software solution provided as a service satisfies this criteria because it does not require any investment in hardware and companies immediately install it and set it up, so comes the new version to make this product more suitable for small and medium businesses that seek to develop scenarios for and during the development and remote collaboration”.

Can visit the site of Kaspersky Lab to learn more about the product and download the demo version new.

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