Emporio Armani reveals new models of its watches smart Emporio Armani Connected


Many of the niche brands in the fashion industry the establishment of H by a smart equipped with WearOS of Google, the brand Emporio Armani is one of them. And speaking of the latter, it has recently announced that it has launched new models of smart watches. These new models work are other systems WearOS from Google, and processor Snapdragon Wear 2100 from the company Qualcomm, which is the same processor used in all smart watches equipped with WearOS.

Featuring hours Emporio Armani Connected latest company Emporio Armani stylish design resembles what we’ve seen from the brand before, these smart watches are supported by a system of WearOS compatible with both Android and iOS.

Apart from the AMOLED screen with its size 1.19 inch, these new smart watches as well come with the application of the Tic Health will be used for the App Store Chinese Mobvoi. Will technology “Swimproof Technology” users to use this smart watch in the shower, swimming in a depth of up to 3 meters.


This smart Watch also includes a sensor heart rate and provides additional features to track your fitness to the side of the GPS. The NFC chip is also present in this smart watch, which is the chip that is necessary for making payments using services such as Google Pay. Although the digital assistant Google Assistant is available in all other markets, you’ll get a smart watch on AliPay instead of Google Pay, and digital assistant Mobvoi Assistant instead of Google Assistant.

Can customers wishing to purchase these watches smart choice to get them with the allocation structure and the type of belt with the knowledge that you can get the leather strap bracelets unilateral profit, and bracelets of the retina. Before concluding we would like to point out that the price of these new smart watches company Emporio Armani ranges between 295 and$ 395 billion, will be available for pre-order on the official website of the company as of today.



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