Employees of Google are treated to develop a search engine by the Chinese

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Signed a group of more than 300 employees of the staff of the company Google an open letter demanding that the company cease development of the project the Dragonfly Project Dragonfly, a development effort by Google to create a search engine controlled customized for the Chinese market allows the state to monitor individuals, and supports the letter signed by staff Amnesty International’s campaign against the establishment of the company for a search engine to comply with the requirements of the control of the Chinese government, saying that the move will set a dangerous precedent in the political moment is volatile, which would make it difficult for Google to refrain from providing similar concessions to other states.

The effort led to the escalation of the protests against the project Secret, and the Google Search application, known as Project Dragonfly, the experience is not close at all, but it got the criticism of many current and former employees , human rights activists andUS lawmakers andthe White House since the leaking of the details of the project in the month of August because of the failure to take a tougher stance against the policy of the Chinese government judge to derail the political consequences of sensitive.

As Amnesty International launched its human rights and public petition calling Google to cancel the project, the organization said it will encourage employees of the company on signing the petition by targeting on LinkedIn, and protest outside the offices of Google, urged a group of 1,400 employees from the staff of the Google company to improve the control of projects is doubtful moral including Project Dragonfly.

The message said: “We are among the thousands of staff who raised their voices for months. Besides international human rights organizations who have raised serious concerns regarding human rights and called Google again and again to cancel the project. The response of our leadership is not satisfactory until now, the opposition to the project is not about China, but we rely on techniques that help the powerful suppress the weak, wherever they are, it is certain that the Chinese government is not alone in its willingness to stifle freedom of expression and the use of surveillance to suppress dissent”.

The letter added “Comes the decision of our company while at the same time Chinese government to expand the validity of instruments to monitor the population openly, and adopts many of these techniques developed, and an online activity, personal records, and mass surveillance to track the citizens and composition, reports show already bear the cost, including a minority Uighur Muslim, Advocates the rights of women, the students, and to provide the Chinese Government easy access to users ‘ data, as required by Chinese law, would make Google complicit in the persecution and violations of human rights”.

He explained the staff of Google, the project will allow the oversight and misinformation that exist by the government, and destabilizes the basic facts on which it relies popular opposition, and it is likely that the use of the Chinese government the possibilities of this control to silence the interested persons, the preference information that promote the interests of the government for the suppression of dissenting voices, and that many of the employees accepted to work at Google, taking the company’s values in mind, including its previous position on the control and surveillance of the Chinese and that the Google company want to put their values above profit.

The letter continued saying: “after a year of disappointments including Project Maven and Project Dragonfly and the support of the staff abusive, we no longer believe that this is the case, this is why we are taking a stand, we join Amnesty International in demanding that Google cancelled the project, we also demand that the leadership is committed to transparency and clear communication, accountability, and real, and is Google so powerful, they can’t fight, but we know what we are building and we can participate in these important decisions”.

The gate Arab News Technical Staff, Google oppose the development of a search engine by the Chinese

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