Employees at Facebook confirms that the company can track The location of users

In one of the meetings and asked one of the employees of Facebook from one of the reporters closed his phone, not even the cops can track his position, to cause a big problem for the company in respect of the privacy of users confirms earlier fears that indicate that the company keeps track of the locations of the users of its network continuously. He held a position mentioned in a dialogue with a reporter for Wired-to confirm the company’s ability to track locations of users of its social network, confirms earlier allegations faced by Facebook about the violation of users ‘ privacy. Recall that Facebook made earlier a new feature in its website called Nearby Friends that enables users to locate friends and their community, added to this service offer settings are activated to allow user to choose friends Favorite to them from time to time. But it seems that the company can access to the geographical location of the users and their without the need to activate the water so therefore provide such data to the company bodies, the control and exploitation of their publicity and advertising and other.

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