Elon Musk told, what question would like to ask sverhpredelna artificial intelligence

The head of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk said in an interview with the researcher at mit Lex Friedman about how his first question to sverhrazdutoe artificial intelligence will be associated with the simulation theory. During peacefully began in the framework of a podcast conversation about the future of unmanned vehicles subject smoothly flowed first in the field of physics, then love, and then came to the question of whether our universe is someone’s very complex computer simulation.

“Perhaps you, perhaps someone else will one day create a very powerful system of General artificial intelligence (AIS) and you will have the opportunity to ask her one question. What a question?” asked Friedman to end the 33-minute podcast.

Musk took a break for a few seconds, lowered his eyes to the floor and got them very quickly move from side to side, apparently, very carefully selecting the right answer. Finally he said:

“What is outside the simulation?”

His idea that humanity lives inside a very large computer simulation Musk shared more in 2016, noting that with all the oddities that happen in our world, the probability of this is about “one million”. As argue the analogy, he cited how quickly and very cool is the development of video games. Because even just a few decades ago the whole world “was cut” in Pong – one of the first video game predstavlyayuschaya a simulator of tennis, where the ball played the little square, and as the rackets – two rectangle. It only took us a few years to learn how to make photorealistic simulation of fictional worlds, so why not assume that someone from the “outside” have created an even more advanced photorealistic simulation, in which we all live?

“Let’s imagine that we have transported 10,000 years into the future, which on the evolutionary scale – nothing at all. Video game development today begins to approach full photorealistic the computer-generated picture is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from reality. Now imagine that after many centuries the level of technology will be higher than today a thousand times and that realistic games can be run on billions consoles, computers or any other gaming device. Given all this, we can safely assume that one of those billions running games is our life today.”

The original interview with Musk was on how much more advanced will self-driving cars of the future, and also about how using a neural network, which collects data from eight installed cameras and 12 ultrasonic sensors in each car Tesla will come to the production of fully Autonomous vehicles. Eventually the conversation turned to how these neural can serve as a basis for creating a General or universal artificial intelligence at the human level.

“This technology will appear very quickly. We will then have to decide what to do next. Of course, if we do have such opportunity,” — said Musk.

The head of Tesla and SpaceX in the past also founded a start Neuralink, the purpose of which is to create a universal computer interface to combine a human brain with a computer. In addition, Elon spoke in support of creating a set of rules for the development of AI, pointing out that without control of this sphere sooner or later we all find ourselves in big trouble.

During the interview, Musk also said that if you physically identify the difference between reality and simulation is not, then it is highly likely that the verification of the fact that our reality is a simulation would also be impossible.

“Perhaps there are ways to test whether the simulation. You can, for example, to assume that the computer that controls it determines that entities that are in it, have found a real way to check whether the world around them is a simulation. It is possible that in this case, the program starts the error correction; simulation can be paused and maybe even to start again,” commented Musk.

Some experts in the field of artificial intelligence believe that sverkhprovodimosti General artificial intelligence will appear over the next decade. Maybe the Mask will have the opportunity to personally ask the system questions.

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