Elon Musk has shared some details about Tesla Pickup

Elon Musk is one of the main newsmakers in the modern world. He talked on Twitter with users and revealed some details about future Tesla truck.

An electric Tesla pickup truck will be equipped with two engines with huge torque. This will provide him a full four-wheel drive and excellent maneuverability. The truck will also get an adaptive suspension that will adapt to the weight of the cargo in the back. It will be available as standard and will allow to avoid unpleasant consequences when driving with empty or fully loaded body.

The reserve is expected to reach 400-500 miles (650-800 km). One of the features of a pickup truck is the availability of a built-in mains socket for 240V, which can be connected with professional tools and equipment. Of course, electropica will receive the Autonomous control system and a set of cameras and sonar with a 360-degree review.

For access to the cab and body will be provided system access. Well, Musk has promised that the design of the pickup will be made in the spirit of American classics like the Ford F-150.

As for the timing of the emergence of Tesla pickup truck on the market, it will not happen before November 2019. That’s when they should start serial production of the crossover Model Y, then, according to the plans of Elon musk, will be released electropica.

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