Elon musk did not follow the Newspapers, the Tesla and SpaceX as claimed

In the wake of the scandal of the Cambridge unit which has been leaking information, more than 80 million users of Facebook for the purpose of analysis, promotion and advertising support campaign for the trump campaign, came the reaction by the users of Facebook began a campaign to promote the deletion of their accounts described the suggestions of the Facebook website.

The founder of WhatsApp, then create hatch on Twitter named him DeleteFacbook# which tells to delete accounts from Facebook, then Elon musk to comment strongly “what does it mean Facebook?” Then tweeted again that he would delete company pages from Facebook after speaking one.

Has Elon musk to delete page from Facebook, then allegedly, until now no users can reach the page where it shows the signal that the page is no longer available.

But according to the legislation of the Facebook pages that the owner says its deleted it will still be viable recoverable in a maximum of 14 days so as to give the user a chance to revise his decision, and then these cities will deal definitively with all their follow-up.

One of the members of the site TheNextWeb experience of creating a page on Facebook, delete them and then compare to see if the page via one of the websites that verifies the the case of transactions by ID number, which is the number given to each account or page in Facebook can be access to some simple tools, where the comparison between his experimental deleted page company Tesla and SpaceX on Facebook and found that the pages show that it is still available.

While if the page was deleted already as it is in page trade control this message will appear

It seems that Elon musk doesn’t delete pages for are canceled from appearing temporarily, and this is what increased it either so how is Elon musk people and need to delete the accounts while he did not do it.


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