Elon Musk decides to keep the Tesla as a public company after long talks with the shareholders of the company


Raised Mr. Elon Musk a lot of fuss recently when he revealed that he plans to improve the company Tesla to a private company for us $ 420 per share that he said he was secure the funding necessary to complete this transaction. The form of the company’s Board Committee to consider the proposal of the chief executive of the company, but there is no longer a need for it anymore, so decided to Elon Musk keep company, Tesla is a public company.

Assured Mr. Elon Musk in a publication of the city official to buy a Tesla is that the company will remain a public company. It is said that the feeling of the shareholders is the reason behind this decision. According to Mr. Elon Musk, has stated by saying : ” although the majority of the shareholders who spoke to them, they said they would stay with Tesla in case if you become a private company again, only to watch them say ” don’t do this please “.

He added that the process of transforming the company into a private company would be more ” distracting“, which was initially expected, and would distract the company’s focus on increasing the pace of production car Tesla Model 3. This is crucial for the Company if they wish to become a profitable company.

Has been pointed out by Mr. Elon Musk to it during the exploration of this option, it became clear that ” there is enough funding to bring the Tesla to a private company “. Whether this was a hint hidden or not, they may see the company choose to move similar after a few years. Before concluding we would like to point out that the bulk of funding needed to achieve the Tesla to a private company will come from Sovereign Wealth Fund in Saudi Arabia. This fund already owns 5 percent of the company Tesla, has been discussed with Mr. Elon Musk several times on this page.


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