Elon musk accuses a staff member of Tesla’s involvement in the arson of one of its sources

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إيلون ماسك يتهم أحد موظفي تيسلا بتورطه في حريق أحد مصانعها

Send Elon musk, CEO and founder of Tesla Tesla electric cars an e-mail message to all employees of the company on a fire in one of its sources, which included the hint of the existence of subversive action potential.

Stated Elon musk in his letter that one of the employees of the company is responsible for the fire deliberately and ruining the overall functioning of the company, including a change in the codes of production and operations data to external parties.

In 2016 after the rocket explosion SpaceX during the filling of fuel by the test engine, pointed out Elon musk and the Director of operations of the company SpaceX Gwen see to the possibility of sabotage also.

Company Tesla is currently working on increasing production to reach its goal, pre-announced is the production of 5000 model car Model 3 in the week before the end of the current quarter 2018. Has announced the Tesla last week about starting the process of massive restructuring, reduction of at least 9% of its workforce. The company said that workers who actively participate in the production of Cars Model 3 will not be affected.

Confirmed staff from different sections in the Tesla they received this message via e-mail from Elon musk that pointed to the existence of extensive investigations to detect the cause the fire.

For its part, the company refused to Tesla to comment on the letter e-mail which came out the following:

“I felt overwhelmed when I learned at the end of this week the existence of employees in Tesla sabotaged a comprehensive and devastating to our operations. Ensure that changes are made directly on the system manufacturing operations by changing the names of users and large amounts of data Tesla’s hypersensitive to unknown third parties.

Not yet clear the full extent of what he did to this position, but what I think until now is very bad. The justification stated is that it was worth the upgrade did not receive it.

However it may be the effect of this Act of vandalism far greater than appears to us even now, so it will continue to be investigated in depth during this week. Because we need to know if he was acting alone or with other partners within the Tesla and if it works with any external organizations.

As you know there is a long list of products that you want to choose a company Tess completely, and among those investors in Wall Street who lost billions of dollars and they lost a lot. Then there are oil and gas companies and is the industry’s most affluent countries in the world – they don’t like the idea of Tesla to provide solar energy and electric cars. Then there are many competitors such as large companies producing vehicles that operate with gas or diesel. And those who were willing to deceive a lot for emissions, perhaps suspected of being willing to cheat in other ways or harm competitors.

Please exercise extreme caution especially during the next few weeks so that we raise the production rate to 5 thousand cars per week. Even when your external forces do its utmost to us.

Seal the Elon musk of his letter at the request of the staff of Tesla: “if you know or suspect anything suspicious, please send it in an e-mail message accompanied by as much information as possible. You can do this in your name which will be preserved confidential or completely anonymous”.

Link to it from the source: Elon musk accused a staff member of Tesla’s involvement in the arson of one of its sources

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