Electronuclear Tesla will offer the option of 10 rocket engines

He joked whether Elon Musk when he said that it would begin to sell flamethrowers? Whether he was joking when he said that he would send to Mars their own Tesla Roadster? Or when he promised to deal with the construction of underground tunnels to create a high-grade network of passenger transport? You read right the title. The latest Tesla Roadster as an option to offer the installation of compact rocket engines. As many as ten, to be exact.

On his page on “Twitter” the head of the company about the production of electric vehicles announced that a special package of options for the new SpaceX Tesla Roadster will include the installation of about 10 compact rocket boosters, located on the perimeter of the car body. These engines will be able to significantly increase the already outstanding acceleration characteristics of the electric vehicle, its maximum speed, braking performance and handling.

One of the subscribers of the Mask suggested that it may go on a similar system, with a compact corrective gas engines that are used in the upper stages of boosters to adjust the direction and value of speed of flight of the spacecraft. Musk noted the soundness of the idea, adding that the practicality of the system could be increased through the installation of an electric pump for pumping air into the tank by reducing maximum performance. But in this sense, said Musk, they’re going to go “much further”.

All this sounds of course very crazy. Perhaps that’s how Elon Musk raises the noise around the company, which has recently not really cope with the expectations of its customers: many are still waiting for their pre-ordered compact sedan Model 3, and Tesla still can not increase their production, causing some of its shareholders even raised the question of the dismissal of the Mask from the post of Executive Director. But he resisted. Or is it just more “hipoly” way to advertise a more traditional package with enhanced performance of the electric vehicle, which previously promised by the head of Tesla. Recall that the basic version of the Tesla Roadster, if the rhetoric of the Mask, will accelerate to “hundreds” in just 1.9 seconds. However, Musk said that the new productive package for the Roadster will come out “completely new level”.

In General, if it’s not a joke, it immediately raises a number of questions to be answered. Unless the car is equipped with rocket engines, will be able to (probably not) permit use on public roads? Will there be a reusable system and whether it will fill their own? Anyway, what level of overload will have to experience the driver and passengers when you use this system acceleration?

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