Electronic notice the transformation in the presence of the digital assistants

الإعلانات المُساعدات الرقمية

الإعلانات المُساعدات الرقمية

Generate advertising e-millions per month on major technology companies including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and many others, thanks to ad networks to display advertisements to users while browsing websites, or using apps on smart devices.

Since 2016, he began the traditional form to become a network the Internet to change a little bit in the shadow of the great awakening digital assistant contained within the smart devices, which also contributed to the emergence of new categories of aid to a household that works by voice commands only. According to data and Statistics, the growth in the use of digital assistants will not slow down. ever, most companies are seeking to use in its various organs open lighting and TVs, to name a few. Even the car manufacturing companies started is the other drive on the same line, this shows the great importance of this type of smart applications in the future.

High prevalence of such aid will bring benefit surely for companies that had been developed by, any company want to use the plugin need to sign agreements with the developer. But ads will also bring material benefit is greater if the police found the transaction to provide optimum Audio Sound.

It should be noted that such assistance will not work all the time, like the radio, and therefore the company will not operate the audio announcements like those on the radio because the user will be them certainly. But given the method of operation of such aid, voice commands, found companies such as Amazon optimization model to assess the electronic bulletin a new look.

Ordering of the user plugin to order a taxi, or make reservations at a restaurant, in addition to buy some widgets, such as batteries for example, but not limited to. Amazon enter here on the line, the user didn’t happen to brand for batteries, and that is why you apply for a card of its own brand, Amazon Basics. And the same thing will be repeated when you request a link, or charger, or a lamp, the priority will be for the company’s products, to improve the financial returns from the sale of those products.

And repeated the same thing with the rest of the companies with the change of the model somewhat, Paul like don’t have the chain restaurants of its own, only that some agreements with some companies, or the huge investment that may seem incomprehensible, will return positive results. Apple like pumped million USD in the company, “Didi” of the Chinese participatory approach almost two years ago. Now in the shadow of the awakening of the digital assistance, and your “home iPod”, the priority would be to the policies of that Company if the user asked of Siri taxi without identifying the company.

Google also developed a lot of techniques, and acquires a lot of companies specialized in the provision of fresh vegetables and fruits, can only aspire to compete with Amazon? By large, the user and his desire to buy products via the “Google home” or “Google set” on Android, will Google transfer the application to balance private and you won’t have to turn it to other companies.

Here it is, the companies providing services have become the need of the large request and D large companies in hopes to be instrumental in the future where interactions with smart devices voice only. This in turn explains the large investment, or acquisition, that you’ll get between now and then.

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