Electronic Arts: the old way of Version Games no longer valid and we’ll change the way marketing!

Electronic Arts

Through the meeting of investors to buy the Electronic Arts of America, the company that the commercial performance of the game Anthem was not to the level of expectations, the company’s President Andrew Wilson has his point of view very exciting about it, as noted by a new report from pcgamer, and he sees that the old way of Version Games suspense no longer valid, and that there are internal changes many experience inside EA is currently training with the market variables.

Here’s what he said to Andrew Wilson about the challenges of launching and address management scheme for continuous years and on a huge scale sized Anthem:

The truth is that it is not challenging to buy the EA, but also a challenge to the whole industry. We finished what was to be the game Bioware is individual ranging in length between 40 and 80 hours, to game ranging in length from 40 to 80 hours to play singles in addition to the 100, or 200, or 300 hours of network play and millions of players.

Andrew Wilson hit the example games mass produced in Asia, and how it is to launch light at first, with several tests of the game community players, and that’s before the game is released in full over the network. While in the West, suspended diffusers with the way the old work, and that depends on the glamour and thrill of the Build campaign has players before the game’s release:

When the games have become bigger and bigger this is no longer system valid as it was in the past. So what to expect from the party not only change the development process, and not only change the process of quality control – although both are going through substantial changes within our organization in the current time – but also how we launch games.

You have to expect that we’ll start testing all of the limited for games – something that can be seen in smartphone games. Additionally it is about how we speak with the players. The marketing of our whole is now moving from the concept of the show to the concept of dialogue and communication with the players, and changing how we communicate with the players over time.

Andrew Wilson confirmed that the company is optimistic about these changes, and they want to help the developers and other publishers to change the way they work. the same picture also.

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