EISA offered a prize for the best smart phone in this season of the phone Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro

Announced the Federation of pictures and photos of European EISA, which is the largest institution of multimedia in Europe on the annual list of devices that won the title of best mobile devices, there are many familiar faces that grabbed awards this session.

He has received phone Huawei P20 Pro the award of Best smartphone in Europe this season ( 2018-2019 ). Combine the beauty of design, gear strength, the camera’s innovative, features Artificial Intelligence, the battery power amounting to a capacity of 4000mAh Allowed Phone Huawei P20 Pro grabbing this award is well-deserved users.

With regard to the award of the best smartphone consumer in Europe this season, was given the phone to Nokia 7 Plus thanks to excellent price and good performance, which thanks to the Processor Snapdragon 660, the memory is random with a size of 4GB, as well as internal memory which with a size of 64GB, screen +FullHD with a diameter of 6 inches.

As for the phone Honor 10, has won the award of Best smart phone lifestyle. Has won phone Honor 10 this award thanks to the sparkling colors, the chip artificial intelligence inside the processor which is responsible for many of the features such as the quality of the scene during filming.

Finally, the vote for Pioneer XDP-02U be the best player for the music, while the vote for the JBL Endurance DIVE to be the best wireless headphones ear. Generally, if you want to learn more about the awards please go to this link here.


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