Egypt is the first state reception of the service.. Uber launches service “AWeber bus” public transport

The company chose the Uber World Uber Egypt as the first country in the World requested by the service “Uber bus” Uber Bus, where Dr. Sahar Nasr, Minister of investment and international cooperation, and the/ House of sushi, the CEO of Uber, on Tuesday 4 December, the launch of the service, which comes in the framework of the company’s commitment AWeber to maximize its investment in Egypt.

Also announced are working on the launch of the Uber app Lite, the new version of the Uber app for passengers who can work under the direction of the slow internet, and with Android devices of old, and will be rolled out in parts of the Middle East by early next year.

Works Uber bus to take advantage of the infrastructure available in the next bus minibus, through the exploitation of technology Uber trip is safe, accessible and effective, where would be the first city in the world to use the service AWeber bus, and this is an important step as Uber expand access to their application to become available to everyone so that anyone from anywhere to use app.

Uber Lite, a new app that takes up less space of memory of mobile phones, can work under the direction of the slow internet connection, as it works on 99% of Android phones. Designed the new application to book trips faster and easier regardless of the quality of the internet connection and Android phones Mini, to become of great interest to the owners of bouquets stinking low. Started the test app already in several cities in the region it is planned to be circulated in early next year.

According to a press release, confirmed Dr. Sahar Nasr, the support of the ministry to all companies invested in Egypt to expand its activity, referring to the choice of Uber Global Egypt to launch its new service “AWeber-bus” proof of the success of the investment climate in Egypt after the reforms of the recent legislative, which will benefit new investments AWeber, investment law and regulation of road transport services for passengers by using information technology, will also benefit from the infrastructure undertaken by the state in the field of roads and bridges in accordance with the directives of Mr. President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

The ministry stated exceptions to the AWeber confirm the attractiveness of the investment environment in Egypt, after the opening of the company “Uber” the new service of the rule, which is the first in the Middle East, the investment cost is estimated at $ 20 billion, in 2017, the company choose the next to launch its new service “AWeber bus” in 2018”.

Said the House of Sarah, president of the board of directors AWeber: “I’m excited to be in Cairo to launch the Uber bus, this region would improve transportation at affordable prices through the use of technology to AWeber to promote the minibus. We are committed to expanding access to the Uber app by providing a range of services to low cost, and which will be more people around the city and help the city in dealing with problems such as congestion. Egypt and the Middle East region is extremely important for AWeber, and we will continue to invest significantly in this part of the world.”

The company began conducting tests on the application of AWeber bus since September 2018 in many areas to ensure safety and adequate service prior to its launch. Will start all the world to AWeber bus across the coverage zones Nasr City, Heliopolis, downtown, and engineers to be after to the rest of the continent during the coming months. This service is the latest in Egypt after several services have been added sold to users in Egypt, such as Uber X, select, scooter, and now the Uber-bus.

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