#Editor-in-chief: How much do AppleInsider.ru. With facts and figures

Stranger, somehow never came up. And today he finally appeared. You know, we get hundreds of comments, emails and messages daily with regards to our work. Mostly praise or offer their active participation in the creation and development of the project. But of course, there are those who are abusing. They are divided into two main groups: the first indicates the errors and possible solutions (if you have ideas), and the second just to throw shit. In 100% of cases, we learned to just not pay attention to them, but those “webmasters mommy” gave me a great idea: to tell, how much we spend in a month to do AppleInsider.ru so, as you see it today. One of the working titles of this post was “does coke and whores from the Editor”, but then we decided to abandon it. This will be the topic of another publication, and today on our costs.

AppleInsider.ru for many years a completely independent business, but let me remind you how it all began.

How it all began

It was a far 2008. Then the domain was abandoned by the previous owner, the attendance has fallen to a few hundred (and even then only in the search, because the site has not been updated) and was bought by Mikhail Korolev. The sum of transaction has rested in milestones of history, but was quite adequate, in order to try this to do something. At first, the website wrote just two people: it’s Michael himself and his wife. The first rule of any website with content — there must be content. Later Mike took a few authors who almost literally translated articles from foreign sources and published them on the website. About a year later, the resource began to visit a few thousand people a month and was careful to say that from this something will turn out. The site has never had investors. All the money that was paid to authors, admins, programmers is money out of pocket. Until the website was able to provide for myself was to take more than one year.

Over time AppleInsider.ru began to grow, and acquired its own office in Moscow (small, on the outskirts of the sleeping area), permanent (but mostly remote) employees. Of course all this is impossible without registration of a legal entity. This automatically means the payment of taxes, insurance premiums and 100500 different payments that we are required to pay tax and the labour code of the Russian Federation.

My story

I came in AppleInsider.ru at the dawn of its formation, but just at the beginnings was not. At first I was a regular author to whom Mike paid out of pocket, investing in the website of the money he earned elsewhere. Over time, we became friends, met several times offline, I decided to do a podcast, and later open office.

At the time I worked in one of the largest companies, which is engaged in mobile development on the Russian market for the posts of “project Director”. In those years, I put his hand to such applications as “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, “Forbes”, “savings Bank”, “Raiffeisen Bank” and others. The place was great, but the soul asked for more. One day I resigned from the company, Mike came to Moscow and we established OOO “Ай10.ru”. In those days my family was expecting a child, and so dramatically to go into the pool with his head was a complete gamble, but in the end my wife decided that it is impossible to stand still and we must go further. And so began the official activities of a small company, which today makes 4 large site (AppleInsider.ru, Hi-News.ru, AndroidInsider.ru, 2bitcoins.ru) and has partnered with dozens of other major publications throughout Russia. To date, nearly 100,000 people a day visit the site and use the mobile app AppleInsider.ru. To understand a lot or a little: imagine three of the Olympic stadium scored the eyeballs. That’s about as much.

Statistics of attendance AppleInsider.ru for the quarter. Excluding mobile apps

Go to the main

Maybe foreplay a bit lengthy, but I want to give you the history of the development of the project. So it doesn’t look that AppleInsider.ru always been a website with millions of visitors per month, and all what his employees are “cut cabbage”. Only create a mobile app, it took us almost half a million rubles. Not present, and those that were in the dollar exchange rate of 30 rubles. The money has also been given from his pocket and invested into the website, being unsure that they’ll ever come back.

And so we gradually approached the textured part of the day. At the moment, the website brings a steady income not only its owner, but to all employees and contractors that are relevant to the project. Most of the profit is returned in the form of investments for further development. This extension of staff the use of contractors for ongoing optimization, SEO promotion and much more without which in the modern world cannot survive. The constantly changing rules of Google and Yandex, new optimization methods, technologies, and more just don’t leave a choice, if you want the project to live and thrive.

Statistics of the CloudFlare service that maintains our servers

The server AppleInsider.ru in real-time

However, let’s look at specific numbers. It will be the averages per month in 2018. In the column “Other” I put the amount of “unexpected” expenses. Not in the sense that they are like snow on the head, and that they are periodic and occur from time to time. So:

  • Perhaps the largest item of fixed costs is salary staff (accounting services also, include). About 500 000. per month
  • Technical support, design, coding, updates, optimization, etc. All servernya of about 200 000. per month
  • Servers and services optimizing and supporting the work of 150 000r. per month
  • Office rent, cleaning, food, mobile communications employees 100 000. per month
  • Purchase of equipment for shooting and work (computers, camera, lenses etc) 50 000r.
  • Other costs 50 000 RUB. per month

Everything else in expenses can be attributed to taxes paid by our legal. a person with commercial activities (mainly advertising).

In a rough approximation, it turns out more than a million rubles per month. This is the money that needs to earn site that just don’t “starve”.

“Mommy webmasters”

And as in the best tradition of Hollywood movies, let’s go back to the beginning of this article, and our “mommy webmasters”. These are the people who on any article or ad banner begin to come on shit (pardon the word, but rather not say) and to tell us that first: they come here for news about Apple to read, not to is looking; secondly they have is AdBlock and put it on our advertising material; and third, they are readers, so no matter what, we just have to respect them. You know what, guys? What you have learned to enter into your browser the name of our website, or Google has brought you to our web page does not make you a respectable auto. However to explain something makes no sense, so we just ignore them (Yes I repeated).

Replica adequate human

The letter, which we will answer


My favorite category: people with a unique sense of humor

The classic “mommy’s webmaster”

And then what?

Now a little about our plans for the future. The overall appearance of the website, inner page, position of ad blocks on them today, ustakanilos. We were always against the aggressive formats (banners to full screen ads with sound, the banners that automatically open pages in new tabs, etc.). Further, we plan to stick to this policy because themselves every day and read everything that is on the website. That doesn’t mean we can’t experiment in some formats, but for sure, we are normal adequate people, like most of our readers. Our goal is to attract more people into regular readers, earn advertising, to increase the income of our employees and of course, ourselves.

Today we have included ads in our mobile app for iOS. It’s a small banner at the bottom of the article, which according to our internal tests was the most gentle of possible monetization options (including what is still supposed to bring something). Of course, not without “mommy webmasters” who in their unique manner told us what they think about the app, is in it, about us and our relatives. Was adequate feedback. Someone is not stopping at all, someone is upset that she is still there (remember that 1 500 000r. was invested without any return), and someone didn’t like that sometimes she is sometimes animated. To be honest, I like this animation too. We have carefully studied all the settings an advertising platform, but you cannot disable this type of ads we have. Maybe with time we’ll figure out something else, but while in test mode. Statistics are only beginning to arrive, and while the numbers… expected, so to speak.

In conclusion

This is a pilot series of post about our inner workings. Frankly and without notes. If you want, I will share with you how much we get from the current model of monetizing apps in a month or two. I think it should be interesting. You can answer by voting in the mould below.

And I welcome your questions, suggestions about the next post of this series, and just chat in the comments. I will try to answer everything except “mommy analysts and webmasters”, of course =)

Renat Grishin
Editor AppleInsider.ru

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