Ecuador is related to 40 million cyber attack after dropping WikiLeaks founder to British authorities

الاكوادور تتعرض لـ 40 مليون هجوم الكتروني عقب تسليم مؤسس ويكيليكس للسلطات البريطانية

Claimed to Ecuador’s government to face millions of cyber attacks following the withdrawal by the commission from the founder of the WikiLeaks website Julian Assange decision in its embassy in the British capital London where arrested by the British authorities there, according to Minister for communications and information technology to their institutions of government were subjected to 40 million electronic attack waves from different regions of the world targeted sensitive sites included the mayor’s office and the central bank and the income.

Where he rolled the attack of an unknown source, exactly from several countries including Australia, Britain, the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Brazil, and the United States in addition to Ecuador itself, not recording piracy successful on any of those sites did not lead to the theft or manipulation of data.

It is worth mentioning that the WikiLeaks website played an important role in the diversion of many of the files of the squadron and the profession, notably those relating to the U.S. government and its global diplomacy which has been described by passes grave time, to arrange accommodation for Assange in the embassy of Ecuador, and moved his file to the British justice system , which may deliver it to the United States after it is completed.

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