eBay launches Instant Selling to help its users sell their phones

The company launched the eBay service new business allows users to sell their phones at a good price and directly where called Instant Selling any direct sales or immediate, and the new service is similar to what was launched by the company earlier regarding the sale of electronic devices years ago to stop it in 2013 and its life in 2016.

And Instant Selling the client can sell his phone to attach information of your phone and add the number of images, and therefore will receive a coupon from eBay based on the bids in question can use it to buy a new phone from the same website, then will the independence of the shipping label are print to send the old phone for fun.

The company claimed it offers to their prices for phones will be higher than its competitors in this field like a Gazelle and EcoATM and Verizon, Apple and others within their programmes for replacing old appliances, adding eBay that the bids would be higher than 40% of the rate of egg rolling in the market, and list the store number of phones under the umbrella of the new service eligible for funding such as: Samsung Galaxy S7 S8 وS9 وS9 Plus and iPhone 6S iOS X, while in November will add a number of other phones such as the phones pixel resolution and LG.

The company added a sticker that explains the difference in price between its competitors and the other violin is shown in the following picture, can take advantage of the service for the disabled by visiting the link HERE.

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