Easy way to install apps from the Play Store

Always looking for easier ways to simplify life, even if related to install app on the Android Store Play Store! Yes, there’s an easier way than the current provided by the latest versions of the application.

The traditional way is to search for the app, then access to the app’s page or opened from a direct link, then click on the Install button (Install), which will be directly below the name of the app.

As the easiest way, is when looking for the app or see it in Page Play Store key, just for verbose it. And then will appear a small window from the bottom of the screen by the name of the app below the Install button, all you have to do is click on it.

You can use the way to open the application already installed, for example, if you are waiting for a new update of the game and passionate about it, also to enter into the Applications section (My Apps) and choose to update all the Installed Apps (Update All), and then you can click on the app to show the option to open the app.

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