Easy money: Chinese investor paid 100 BTC for the selection of an ideal place for a mining farm

For that month the cryptocurrency miners are suffering from the collapse of the markets. Even the undisputed leader of the stock market Bitcoin fell below $ 3,500, which once again we see headlines about the 80 percent drop from a historic high. This time the lifeline of the miners may be energy efficiency and cost of electricity. Some have withdrawn, others are in search of more lucrative countries for mining. Even Iran is quickly becoming quite a safe haven for many Chinese cryptainer. In the Eastern country they are attracted by the cheap electricity.

According to sources, from March 2013 to March 2018, Iran exported to neighboring countries 43 billion kilowatt-hours of energy and earned about 4.1 billion dollars. Iranian energy companies are forced to sell electricity at a low price, as the country has no regular sales.

While the political situation and legal framework of the country prevented the miners from overseas successfully conduct business. According to BitcoinExchangeGuide, Iran banned the importation of mining-rigs. This means that even if a serious investor from China decides to run your own farm in Iran, its equipment simply can not let even after 20 days spent on transportation by water. There is evidence that the disposal of the Iranian customs is now about 40 thousand mining-racks. By the way, mining in Iran is not enshrined in legislation, so that governments can set any tax on this activity.

While nothing can stop the miners who want to save on electricity. For example, in October last year, the famous Chinese captainvalor Chandler Guo announced a grant for the search for the most favorable conditions for mining in the middle East. According to the resource 8BTC, the businessman was ready in gratitude for your efforts to pay 100 BTC. Only 4 days later, the location was found. And then it was just about Iran, which in addition is under tough U.S. sanctions. More data look at cryptodata.

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