Easy Miner — easier than niches. How to mine cryptocurrency with comfort and pleasure

We already wrote several articles about the features of mining, setting up of automation and our favorite HiveOS. HiveOS is an excellent and handy tool. It is worth the money.

But there were the first Riga. They were going long, and going without a lot of experience. These machines are often only a pair of graphics cards. They work for a long time, and while working to dismantle them. Accordingly, to pay for such machines in HiveOS also do not want to, and run with butikami already rather tired. Therefore, it was written a graphical interface for Claymore and EWBF, with whom you want to share.

Meet — 2Miners Easy Miner:

Everything in it is intuitive, but the details of the work have to tell. The point is simple: select one or more graphics cards available, choose the pool that fits the wallet and the name of the worker, save and run. The program automatically creates a batch file and activates it.

If desired, the pool changes is easy — simply specify wallet address to another platform. By the way, the wallets are stored by pressing the save button and after clicking on Miner Start.

To the right of the save button there is a button for statistics. She opens the statistics of the purse, depending on the pool you selected in the browser, which is installed by default. Very convenient.

There is also the button to start the program at system startup. Simply click “add” then the program will register itself in the registry and will run even if no user with administrator rights. Prescribed it standard.


If necessary, it is easy to remove — even on the button, even through regedit. Visually determine if the programs in the startup will help the icon after adding changes to green. It’s much easier than to look for the startup folder and throw a shortcut of the batch file in it.

If you need to mining started at system startup, add it to your startup is not enough. Still need to tick “auto-mining”. Otherwise, the program will run, but will not begin to run until you hit Start Miner.

Fans pamineti in solo you have to tick Solo Mining, and then choose pool. The purse you see in automatically if you saved before. By default, the program works with PPLNS pools. For Dubai and Whalecoin difference in the tick no, because we have no PPLNS pools for these coins.

Separately want to tell you about the mode 2Video. It is necessary for rigs with cards from different manufacturers. Just choose Poole for AMD cards and for NVIDIA the pool and minim. But there is one non-obvious point. If, for example, choose one of the algorithms on DaggerHashimoto for AMD video cards, Nvidia pools on DaggerHashimoto simultaneously select will not work because ClaymoreEth will run two times. So if, say, you need both cards to put on ETH, simply select the pool for AMD and Nvidia leave the pool empty.

Now about the algorithms on Equihash. Because they use different miners, to choose the pool for each GPU. This is the case even when going to mine one coin in one purse.

Wallets that you have saved can be transferred to another machine. It is enough to copy the final file easyminer.ini on another machine to a folder C:\miners\. Just remember to change the worker.

As a bonus the program has a convenient installer that will install all the miners and soft to the folder C:\Miners and create a shortcut on your desktop.

Download the miracle-the program Easy Miner will succeed here. News about updates you can find in the Telegram channel. To report bugs and communicate with the Creator can directly.

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