Earnings game Fortnite take my $

أرباح لعبة Fortnite تتخطي المليار دولار

Since the release of the game Fortnite is check the numbers big time and time again on all platforms, it has pulled the rug from under the games popular was putting herself at the top. Of course, this is reflected heavily on the game possible to achieve enormous profits.

As it made the game more than a million dollars in profits through sales within the game, where there are some advantages in the game is activated when you purchase away from the free version, this profit plan 1$ million on all platforms in less than a year.

The mosques of the game to the users on the computer system, iOS, in addition to its availability on platform games Playstation and Xbox, as it will begin to access for Android users this summer.

Earnings game Fortnite up about$ 300 million in April

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