Earnings decline Amazon to more than a million dollars

Amazon published its financial results for the third fiscal quarter, which appear in gross proceeds of approximately $ 70 million of which a net profit of approximately $ 2.1 million.

As usual, Amazon spends heavily on improving their services so can not take the number net profits as an indicator of the actual performance of the company. This quarter was retreating by about 26% from the same quarter of last year.

Spent Amazon’s billions of dollars to improve freight service within one day this was their profits declining significantly.

Still the sector of the AWS cloud services bring the company significant revenue, despite declining slightly from the same quarter of last year, it had achieved $ 9 billion company.

In this quarter the company saw growth in revenue by about 24%, during the past six months the company spent $ 1.6 billion to expand its shipping service within one day. It is expected that the implementation of also $ 1.5 million by the end of the year to exceed what was spent this year $ 3 million on this service only.

Expect Amazon to grow its total revenue in the next quarter to range between 80-86.5 million.

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