“Earned” offering a unified platform for payments for entrepreneurs and companies in Egypt

Although many of the developments in this regard, still the payment solutions and money transfer represent an obstacle to startups and entrepreneurs in the field of e-commerce in the region. Facing recently, many payment gateways, electronic as well as solutions that suit the tendencies of the shoppers electronically in the region, who are still the majority of the offering 75% of them prefer to pay on delivery instead of online payment for goods and services. However, the independence of each service of electronic payment services and money transfer remains a hurdle for in front of the small companies are emerging that are having difficulty in hiring and interoperability with the more than a different service with a view to providing payment options many customers.

The company launched the PayMob source of today’s e-services integrated to manage payments for businesses and Entrepreneurs called the “earned – Accept“. The service allows for companies working in the field of e-commerce the possibility of providing all means of payment and money transfer for its customers, through a unified platform, and the mechanism is easy to enable them to follow-up on payments through all means to flexibly.

Support Portal Accept payments credit card payment online payment, using the services of e-wallets multiple companies that offer mobile phones and banks operating in Egypt, as well as pay on delivery using cash as well as debit cards and credit cards. Companies can follow up the completion of transactions and payments all through all the means through the platform of electronic unified, in addition to that of payments through all means, including payment on delivery is deposited directly into your company’s bank account.

The area offers the new system of accounting depends on every successful transaction, and protects the corporate costs of the patrol for his service, and the proportion of the cost of the service according to the payment method that has been of this transaction, the company also manages the process of shipping and delivery in the case of services, payment on delivery.


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