Each unit of the smart speaker Apple HomePod cost Apple 216$

Apple HomePod 2

Lately, gave us the iFixit team access to the internal components of the loudspeaker smart Apple HomePod, and now we have some details about how the cost of every single unit of this device Apple.

According to a new report recently released by Techinsights and Bloomberg, it appears that each unit of the Apple device HomePod cost Apple about 216 $ USD to manufacture. This means that the profit margin on an Apple device HomePod less compared to the profit margin in Apple devices. For example, the phone iPhone 8 will cost Apple about 247 USD with the knowledge that they sell for $ 699, while you are selling phone iPhone X about 1000 dollars note that it cost her 357 $ just to manufacture it. This suggests that Apple has a lower profit margin on an Apple device HomePod compared to their other organs.

There are many reasons for Apple not pricing smart speaker Apple HomePod at a higher price, among these reasons we find to attract more people to subscribe to music Apple Music affiliate, and hopes to help her Apple device HomePod in it. It also requires to compete with other smart speakers available in the market today, such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home which are sold at lower prices than Apple HomePod.

The company hopes that by selling the Apple device HomePod with a lower profit margin compared to other devices will be able to bring more units of this device to People’s homes.



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