EA is planning to launch the game Apex Legends on the iOS system

At this time last year, the game Fortnite a great success on iOS, in addition to the game PUGB, and now the company EA’s plans to release the game Apex Legends on multiple platforms, including iOS.

According to a recent report from the site The Verge had EA talk about their future plans on game Apex Legends, and noted that the game is characterized by rapid growth.

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When it comes to smartphones, EA it’s in “advanced negotiations” to bring the game to mobile devices including the iOS operating system. In connection with that happening, the company said simply that it would issue updates upon completion of those negotiations.

I didn’t drink EA a lot about their plans to bring the Apex Legends to the operating system iOS, unfortunately. Hard to figure out where is this all exactly on schedule this year. Given the success of the Fortnite وPUBG on the platform of the phones, it is likely that the provision of Apex Legends for iOS is a top priority for EA.

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