E-leadership of America publishes samples of the malware

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The government has taken America another step in its strategy for development of tools and attacks used by foreign governments in cyber space, where I started driving e-American known simply as CYBERCOM, a unit of the army under the Ministry of Defense expensive operations, piracy and cyber security and education experience, Department of cyber defense, this week a new initiative through the unit CNMF aims to publish samples secret of the malware discovered on their networks with community cyber security broader.

The unit CNMF several separate teams, some defensive and some are offensive, and for the detection of attacks against networks of the United States, which makes them get the unique look of the tools used by the adversaries of the aliens, especially the group APT28 and other teams sponsored by the state, where the classification of most of what they collect as confidential.

Referred e-leadership of America to the this step aims to improve information sharing among the community of cyber security, with its message addressed to those who are trying to penetrate U.S. systems, they also created a new account on Twitter to post all the links to download samples of malicious files from the site VirusTotal.

Said Joseph Halstead Joseph Holstead, acting director of Public Affairs at the e-driving us CYBERCOM: “the purpose of this to to be effort a consistent and sustained exchange of information, and focuses on any opponent specific”.

Raising the website CYBERCOM multiple files to his account on the website VirusTotal, which is a search engine continued to buy Google scan files online repository for malware, and for users of the site VirusTotal to download the malware and see any of the products anti-virus or cyber security to be explored, in addition to the possibility of seeing the links to other parts of the malicious code.

Reference was made to one of the samples LoJax/LoJack published by the e-leadership of America as belonging to the hacking group APT28, according to VirusTotal reports many cybersecurity companies various, including Kaspersky Lab products Kaspersky Lab and Symantec Symantec core Crowdstrike, the group linked to the Russian government, and the group APT28, also known as Sofacy and Fancy Bear.

Kostin said the Rayo Costin Raiu, director of global research and analysis team at Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Lab: “this is a great initiative, we believe that if there are more governments would do the same thing, the world would be safer. We applaud their initiative, and of course pay close attention to what they are downloaded”, and added that Kaspersky Lab follow this code harmful years ago.

Said Mike Yas, Mike Wiacek, senior security officials and founding partner of Chronicle, a Department of e-security within the company that is responsible for site VirusTotal: “we believe that having more files in VirusTotal increases the value to the entire community, and this move helped to save file special software LoJax/LoJack malware did not exist before in VirusTotal”.

Anduse this code harmful LoJax part of the program LoJack formerly known as Computrace, a program protection allows you to track the laptop in case of theft, making it difficult to remove, even when the user reinstalls the operating system, or it seems the hard drive with a new one, depending on it being included LoJax in the software products fixed for your case and when you boot the operating system.

The share malware samples with the security community, the wider in time in which the U.S. government increased pressure on the attackers of foreigners across a number of different ways, as the Ministry of Justice issued earlier indictment against a company owned by the Chinese government and the Taiwanese and three citizens of Taiwan journalists in connection with stealing trade secrets worth billions of dollars technology semiconductor of the largest makers of memory in the United States, Micron Technology Micron Technology Inc.

The gate Arab News Technical e-leadership of America publishes samples of the malware

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