Dyson launches vacuum cleaner V11 perform the best and the LCD screen with the price starts from $ 599

Revealed company Dyson technology new vacuum cleaner V11, which is applicable to a range of improvements from previous versions, and system DLS smart, the price starts from $ 599.

Dyson v11

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Come vacuum cleaner V11 new Dyson system DLS smart see resistance in the brush and special vacuum, and then send signals to the engine and battery to increase or decrease the suction power according to the for different surfaces.

Feature a vacuum cleaner V11 design is relatively lightweight, it also works on the pressure-depth on the surfaces which need to be cleaned better, such as carpet for example, where the pressing force of the dust removal outstanding bristles in the carpet more efficiently.

Also includes broom V11 LCD screen works to display the time remaining of the battery, in seconds, with a quick update of the remaining time of the battery when you move from cleaning of the surface to another, as it is view a short video about sites accumulation of dust, and also alert the user when you need to clean the filter cordless vacuum cleaner.

Also come to one of the nurses important in a broom V11 wireless in the possibility of automatic change between the patterns, cleaning according to for different surfaces, where the user will need to change the style of cleaning manually when you move from the surface of the time, how come the vacuum cleaner right-click custom carpets, where you can Button Style Boost that works on concentration and increase the suction pressure, as the working style Eco battery saving.

Confirm Dyson to vacuum cleaner wireless V11 come suction power perform 20% better from the previous version of the V10, it can also support the user efficiently so a full hour of cleaning according to the surfaces that are being cleaned, the vacuum in the two models are the V11 Torque Drive at a price of 699 dollars, V11 Animal that will be available in outlets at the price of $ 599.


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