DxOMark: the company offered us money

DxOMark is a website dedicated to the testing chambers. Special attention is paid to DxO cameras of smartphones. So, each new flagship of the producers runs through the DxOMark test, after which the smartphone credits are awarded for fotosmoralo and video quality.

DxO is often accused of corruption, bribery. And now the debate on this subject can reach a new level, as Vice-President of marketing Nicolas Taard said that before the company did offer them the money for the tests. He added that it is difficult to be called a bribe, as the company simply did not know how to interact with them.

Nicolas also noted that DxO does not need such funding and all tests are conducted as honestly as possible. The company has no problems with finances, as they still offer consulting and seminar services.

Of course, you can’t fully trust Vice President of marketing, but in his words there is a certain logic. Why would this company spoil your reputation when she is already not in need of funding?

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