During the days of the … the social network from Samsung?

Reports late last January that the giant South Korean Samsung has registered the trademark Uhssup which will be the network a new social balance of the development of the technology giant which has been disclosed, it will be based on the location of the user at the time.

Although more details have not appeared since then but new reports now suggest that the new app will be preloaded on the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus coming soon from Samsung where they will be revealing the app during the Samsung at the MWC show in 2018, February 25.

According to the website of the Korean HeraldCorp to apply Uhssup will allow users to share their place with others second by second with the possibility to comment on other people’s sites, in addition to the possibilities of the reporter similar to that provided by the apps Messenger and Whatsapp.

According to previous reports on the application of the new Samsung company has registered the application in Europe in the name of the Uhssup, but now revealed new leaks that the company has the registration app in South Korea in the name of the Uhssup and Samsung Social.

Not only are these reports all indicated the presence of a social network from Samsung, they are phrases support your phones S9 next why are you talking about the camera only, but included the phrase refers to changing the way you share moments with others which can be a strong signal to the social network next.

Samsung said earlier the beginning of construction of own system of applications but it does not look quick at it, in the past, the company has released Samsung Pay, Samsung Cloud and Samsung Cloud to see this very special service of communion and social looming.

This theme during the days of the … the social network from Samsung? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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