During the 10 seconds sold Huawei phones P20 worth 60 million riyals

Targeting Huawei Sold 20 million copies of its latest handsets of the leading P20 وP20 Pro, has noticed the company is already a good start in China after a moment of putting up the amendments.

Where he once put up the first batch of phones for sale through last Thursday, out of stock completely during the 10 seconds the income of 100 million Chinese yuan (59.7 million riyals).

We don’t know the number of copies that have been sold exactly, but there are estimates it’s about 25,000 units, a staggering figure in such record time, and gives us an idea of how will be the reactions of consumers around the world when the markets of different, especially towards the P20 Pro expected the acquisition of the lion’s share of sales thanks to its outstanding design and preparation of camera three.

Recall that the Huawei P20 which will be available in the Arab region, the price of 3,700 yuan in China, while the P20 Pro cost 4,000 yuan in Saudi Arabia 2,899 SAR, to be available for pre-booking at our local market starting April 19, with gifts worth SAR 1,000.

Source: Gizmochina

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