During a deadly accident the driver of Uber was watching the show The Voice

In March this year had a first in the history of mankind a fatal accident with the participation of an unmanned vehicle and a pedestrian.

Here I detail painted everything that was known about the incident at the time. Later, it became known that the accident probably occurred due to incorrect settings of the autopilot. Ostensibly it was set up in such a way as to ignore pedestrians. How could this happen to me quite unclear, but it happened.

And today the police of the city of Tempe, where the accident occurred, said details about the driver. As you know, driving that car I was insuring the driver, which then showed footage on the road during the collision was not looking.

So, driving for Uber was Rafaela Vazquez. I wrote it because in fact the driver — a man, however, around 2004, he began to identify myself as a woman, and it is unclear whether it is the appropriate surgical procedure or not. But that’s not important, just details. Once the man himself has identified himself as a woman, then so will be writing.

Rafaela Vasquez, as defined in the process drive Uber watched the television show The Voice. The fact of is interesting, as it was defined. The police received information from a service Hulu, which signed Vasquez. The service reported that at the moment of collision the girl for about 40 minutes watching the show.

Then even more interesting. It turns out that Vasquez informed several times prosecuted for traffic violations. But it’s flowers. In 2001, she, then still identifying as a man, was arrested for armed robbery and incarcerated for more than three years. As she passed the test with Uber before taking the job, I don’t know.

As for the deceased Helen Herzberg, it was reported, was a stray and at the time, was convicted of drug possession.

Also the police, after the examination found that the accident was entirely preventable, if the driver is watching the road, although previously police suggested that the collision was inevitable. New facts allow to assert against Vasquez charges of involuntary manslaughter, but so far this has not been done.

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