Due to reduced sales of iPhone X.. Apple blow to Samsung


A new report reveals that Apple has put Samsung in big trouble this year because of the screen phones iPhone, where Apple has requested large quantities of the OLED screens used in the iPhone X, but as a result of weak demand for the new phone, Apple decided to reduce the production of the phone which in turn impact on Samsung, which came to possess large quantities of OLED screens which don’t need.

Screens EVO

According to the published site phonearena India, it is known that the company Samsung materials are currently only for screens OLED which is used by Apple in phones EVO X, but recent news about the intention of Apple to rely on Samsung and LG to supply OLED screens that will be used in the two phones the next EVO, would the Apple company LG supply of LCD screens that will be used in the second phone.

شاشات OLEdOLEd screens

The report noted that Samsung is currently looking for any new company want to get this large quantity of tea, which could cause a big loss for Samsung.

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