Due to new policy of Google Android smartphones in Europe could rise by up to $ 40

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that because of the requirements of the European Commission, Google has changed the policy regarding their products for Android.

Details can be read here, and I will briefly remind you that manufacturers of smartphones, which will be sold in the European economic area, Google services, including Play store, apps, the Chrome browser and the search engine will be paid.

The Verge claims that he had obtained details on this subject. According to the documents, fell into the hands of our colleagues, Google Mobile Services, which will include the Play store app, will cost manufacturers up to $ 40. Prices will vary depending on the sales region and category of device.

European economic area will be divided into three regions. It is known that the most expensive will include the UK, Sweden, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands. In those countries the rates will be as follows: $ 40 will need to pay for a smartphone with a screen with a pixel density of over 500 ppi, for 20 dollars, in the case of a screen with a density of 400-500 ppi and 10 $ if the density is below 400 ppi. And in some regions, for low-end models price will be only $ 2.5, that is, the public sector will suffer the least.

However, Google did very cleverly not only to change policy, but also with their conditions. It is reported that manufacturers that install on their smartphones, the Chrome browser and Google search engine will get “discounts” or even will be spared from having to pay. Simply put, if the manufacturer will provide all the installs and now, is it the same as now, there will be nothing to pay. But under what conditions it will work is unclear.

The source also notes that the licensing system will work for devices that have been activated on 1 February 2019.

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