Ducati announces the start of production of bicycle motorized electrically operated fully soon

دوكاتي تعلن عن بدء إنتاج دراجات بمحركات تعمل بالكهرباء قريبًا

Said Claudio Dominic take the head of the company vehicles of Italian, Ducati, that his company is close to starting production of bicycle motorized electric style electric cars after the company has launched hybrid engines, for the police to superimpose their counterparts of the companies of the vehicles that developed the electric bicycle and the introduction by the Fed.

Although Dominic did not announce any details about the plan to Doc my future, except that we can see the new bikes with the beginning of the year 2021, especially as the managing director of the company, Edward Lutz, have already stated that something can appear in 2021, when he hinted to the possibility of the production of electric bicycle in 2017.

And director of the Ducati about the capacity of the company to produce bikes with electric motors instead of engines fueled newspaper last Delvaux sport, said that the future will depend a lot on electricity. Which started Set companies are generally to begin with the development of electric vehicles in full.

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