Du launches an Internet of things small-scale in the UAE in order to support further the move towards smart cities

دو تطلق شبكة إنترنت الأشياء ضيقة النطاق في الإمارات بهدف دعم مزيد من التحول نحو المدن الذكية

In cooperation with the companies of Nokia and”firm networks” and”Media Tek”, du has today announced the launch of the new generation of Internet of things narrow-band (NB-IoT), which relies on the fifth-generation networks for mobile phones in the United Arab Emirates.

Allow the new network to support a wide range of solutions and services that represent the shift towards the techniques of so-called Smart City in the UAE, and those solutions electricity meters, water Smart, Parking Smart, the smart, and health smart, PLUS to various other applications in industrial and agricultural fields.

To illustrate the uses anticipated that new technology, has demonstrated the DU and Nokia and”firm networks” and”media integration” use case new account for electricity and water consumption in smart remote, where the network of Internet of things small-scale modern cities cover more space and consumption of less energy the device to take advantage of the longer battery life your smart meters.

This will allow the network to provide innovative services in different sectors such as energy, water, appliances, transportation, health care and manufacturing. Used smart devices connected to the internet through these networks new partner of the silicone from the “media costs” contain a special modem with the Internet of things narrow-band antenna and a radiofrequency along with many other components in order to simplify the design and delivery of products connected and integrated.

It is worth mentioning that the shift towards the techniques of smart city comes as part of an initiative launched in 2013 aims to make Dubai a smart city integrated what allows the population to obtain a digital identity can be used in access to all services and within the city, and that vision also to adopt techniques of artificial intelligence and the Internet of things.

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