Dropped Bitcoin to 85 percent? The response of the staff of the University of Cambridge

Immediately after the news that over three quarters of 2018, the number of verified users of cryptocurrencies has doubled, the University of Cambridge conducted their own investigation. Found out that the cause of the fall of Bitcoin 85 percent for the most part is bloat to the theme of death coin in the media. In addition to the influx of new users, the report Cryptoasset 2nd Global Benchmarking Study provides a number of other key insights.

For example, rising rates of diversification and now 57 percent of companies offer their clients comprehensive services. Multi-coin support, I suggest that today, 84 per cent of providers compared with 47 percent in 2017. Geographic concentration Hasrat really is not as big a problem as writing about it.

Significant growth enterprises is in the region of North America. While a significant share of electricity consumed by these objects comes from renewable sources in the regions with excess supply. The report also notes the increasing rate of market maturity, as evidenced by the growth of self-regulation.

The growth will be, but later

According to the researchers, that widespread discussion of the theme of Bitcoin in the media was the catalyst for the bubble in 2017. Similarly, now we are trying to convince that this is not just bubble burst last year, but kryptonyte on the way to inevitable oblivion. Cambridge University predicts the bubble with a tenfold growth of the stock market in the next six months.

Headlines about the collapse appear after every fall of any ecosystem in the world. Although the Bitcoin bubble in 2017 was indeed the largest in the history, the current capitalization as Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem now exceeds the levels in January 2017.

Recall, for the last ten years, the media “buried” Bitcoin 330 times.

Cambridge on the future of Bitcoin

As written by Bitcoinist, the researchers made several conclusions about the future of cryptocurrencies. Let’s look at the key points of the report:

  • multi-currency support will continue to spread, and the single oriented store will begin to diversify into new scriptactive;
  • innovation in payment networks of the second level – for example, Lightning Network – will have the greatest impact on the business model and activities;
  • stabilini will help businesses expand opportunities by reducing the volatility for warehousing and multi-segment firms.

More data look at cryptodata. Discuss the reasons for the fall there.

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