Dropbox supports 13 add new ones what is special girl, WhatsApp and more

Work platform Dropbox is in full swing to add more plugins in its service, to currently 13 add new like Gmail, Whatsapp, etc. from other plugins.

دروب بوكس تدعم 13 إضافة جديدة منها ما هو خاص بجيميل وواتساب وأكثرDropbox supports 13 add new ones what is special girl, WhatsApp and more

In the past year, the company introduced Dropbox “Dropbox” feature plugins “Extensions” to the service of its cloud storage and file sharing, which seeks to ease the burden of switching between applications, where by it will be able to users to make what must be done inside the home without leaving, without switching between applications.

In this context, the company today announced the doubling of the number of these additions, to include now about 13 a new addition, in total, will now be able to add files to messages in Gmail and the Workplace as well as outlook and Facebook, and even across Microsoft Teams and Line Works.

As you’ll be able to also, use Vimeo to pick up the notes and distribute video clips and use the extras Clipchamp and WeVideo to edit your videos, create, disseminate and bring your media files to the Canva before you save the finished work back to your Dropbox account.

Among the new partners other FreshBooks aimed to manage expenses, وDocSend to track document workflows, add Notarize the signing of documents and documented, finally, pointed out Dropbox it plans to add more apps and extensions over the next year, in addition to the support of new languages additional.



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